Saturday, 9 August 2014

News: Palestinian teen live-tweets Gaza attacks

Over 160,000 people are now following the tweets of Farah Baker: a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in Gaza, Palestine.

Farah has been tweeting daily updates of the recent war between Palestine and Israel. She posts about bombings as they happen from an innocent bystander’s point of view. The legitimacy of the account is proven by the photos and videos she posts of bombing and attacks.

“I might die tonight” is the caption of a photo she uploads of flares in the sky from her window. The media has referred to her as “the new Anne Frank”, due to how she treats her Twitter page as a diary, with matter-of-fact statements and occasional emotion.

The teen has attracted lots of media attention as her followers have grown. On August 4th, she did an interview with Sky News and answered questions on her Twitter. “No” she simply replies to a question about if she feels Gaza is being fairly represented. When asked why she does not leave the country, she replies “the border is shut, so we can’t leave”.

The youth of the girl behind the tweets occasionally appears within the mature reports of the events happening around her. She shows her excitement when seeing friends she hasn’t seen in a long time, and she gets upset when bombs go off for too long. Support flies in with every tweet from her loyal followers, which she says “makes her stronger”. When she does not tweet for a period of time, these followers will ask her sister and friends if she is alive and well until she tweets again.

As the war continues, Farah – who began with only eight hundred followers – continues to update the world on the Palestinian attacks from her viewpoint: an “innocent civilian” who has no choice but to fear for her life.

You can follow Farah at @Farah_Gazan.

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