Monday, 15 December 2014

News: NHS workers strike

Hundreds of thousands of NHS workers have gone on strike over pay disputes. Nurses, midwives and ambulance staff amongst others walked out for four hours at 7 o’clock this morning in England, and 8 o’clock in Northern Ireland. This will then be followed by up to six days of “work to rule” industrial action.

Over 400,000 of 11 unions have participated in the strike; the second in just over a month. A similar strike occurred on October 13th, which was the first NHS pay strike in 32 years.

The strike is in protest at the refusal of a 1% pay rise for each NHS staff member. Staff in England are only being granted a pay rise if their job does not contain automatic pay rises as rewards for professional development.

In Scotland and Wales, deals have been agreed which give every NHS staff member across the board a pay rise.

Unison leader Dave Prentis stated “We are only asking for decent pay for the hard-working people the government say they care so much about.”

He added “NHS workers in Scotland and Wales will all be getting a 1% pay rise and the Living Wage. So why is the Secretary of State so determined to penalise workers in England?”

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said “We can’t afford a consolidated pay rise in addition to increments without risking 10,000 frontline jobs.”

Plans were put into place to keep the emergency services operating as usual, with 150 policemen driving ambulances during the strike and utilising remaining staff in accident and emergency departments of hospitals.

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