Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book Review: 'Rebel Belle' by Rachel Hawkins

I was drawn to the first in the 'Rebel Belle' trilogy for two reasons. Firstly, the cover is beautiful! It's girly, pink and elegant, very up my street. Secondly, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this novel since it was released in April 2014. It promises a mix of fantasy and contemporary, and it achieved this greatly.

The introduction to the novel wasn't the most exciting. It began no differently from a standard young adult, romance story with the protagonist, seventeen-year-old Harper. She lives a busy life with her best friends, clubs and long-term boyfriend. Her biggest problem is whether her lipgloss matches her outfit. When things take a swerve, however, everything changes completely.

Harper ends up in an enthralling journey of supernatural happenings, responsibilities that she had never imagined even existed and lying to everyone around her. The situation is lifelong and can't be changed, so she is forced to cope with it or the consequences will be deadly. There is also an ongoing love story (with the potential for a love triangle) but this is a sub-plot and is not the basis of the book.

The character of Harper is one of the highlights of the novel. She's everything a female protagonist should be: feisty, caring and realistic. She has many imperfections which appear throughout the story, but this just makes her more relatable. Her character development is steady and smooth; you can really feel when large events have an impact on her and how she changes as a person. The fact that the story focuses on her reactions to the events surrounding her and not the love story allows for her to blossom as a strong character in her own right.

The storyline is also steady, with regular unexpected happenings to keep you reading. It's consistent and therefore easy to follow. There are a series of twists as the plots comes to an end, but the biggest one is insane - there are few books that have shocked me more! It allows for another book to follow perfectly, and the journey embarked in the sequel will be very different to this story

 'Rebel Belle' is a funny, witty book full of curve balls which I'd recommend to anyone who wants to spend a few hours having a read that is enjoyable and thought-provoking without being too complicated.

The second instalment of the trilogy -  'Miss Mayhem' - will be released in April of this year, and I know that I'll be reading it as soon as it comes out!

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