Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wreck This Journal


 I started the 'Wreck This Journal' around a year ago and spent a few hours on it before throwing it in a cupboard and forgetting about it. I found it again recently, and had a look at the few pages I actually completed.

The concept of 'Wreck This Journal' is to vandalise the book in different ways, as instructed on each page. From writing over pages, to spilling food on it, to actually tearing pages out to make into paper loops or aeroplanes; it's a great way to spend a few hours being creative and a bit carefree.

Only a few pages of my copy are completed, leaving many more to finish or actually start. The tasks I started aren't the prettiest or most artistic, but I hope to keep going with it again and put a bit more effort into it. Maybe I'll actually finish it?

I briefly re-commenced the book today, and started with a couple of the harder tasks. Firstly, was the painful task of cracking its spine. After this, I moved onto tearing pages out of the book for different reasons - notably to simply throw one page in the bin and "accept the loss".

I can see myself really enjoying the 'Wreck This Journal' process, and it's one that is completely unique. I own a couple of the other books by the creator, Keri Smith, that I'm eager to have a go at, which involve other tasks to do and other unconventional ways to use each book.

Is destroying a book a concept that appeals to you, or one that you're going to give a miss?

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