Monday, 13 April 2015

Part-time jobs for students

Part-time jobs as a student aren’t great. Many students remain unable to find work, and even those that do are often uninspired by folding clothes or serving plate of food. Here are a few job ideas for funding your student life which are a bit less dull and more importantly, have regular opportunities available.

Bar/club work 
Many students – especially those living in cities – work for bars and clubs alongside their studies. The shifts tend to be relatively short and fit well around university timetables. Common jobs include bar staff, PR workers (handing out leaflets and vouchers to the public), cloakroom staff, glass collectors and more. It’s more exciting than working in a shop, especially for those who love nightlife. Take it as a chance to gain communication skills, confidence and work alongside other young people who will make your job a lot more fun.
Call centres 
Working in a call centre is definitely not the average person’s dream job, but it’s not the worst option. Call centres jobs in Scotland tend to be quite flexible with shifts, meaning that when you start, you can work a few hours over a few days or for one or two full days, whichever suits your lifestyle. Lots of students work in call centres due to the flexibility, and it’s likely that you’ll be working with a great team. They are also great jobs for building contacts, as usually the centre is part of a large company, and it looks great on your CV due to the customer service skills you’ll develop. Pay tends to be above minimum wage too, which is always a bonus when you’ve spent all of your student loan!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Strathclyde news: Gary Paterson re-elected as Strath president

Gary Paterson was re-elected as president of University of Strathclyde Students’ Association at March’s student elections.

He won 1291 of the 2147 votes cast for president – 50% more votes than his opponent. He won majority vote in every Strathclyde faculty.

He is the second person to ever be elected for two terms at Strathclyde.

Paterson said “I think the last year has been a fantastic time for the Students’ Union, I’m incredibly proud of the work we have done, and I am really excited for the year ahead.”