Thursday, 15 October 2015

Some LUSH Christmas goodies

LUSH, je t'aime beaucoup. Especially at Christmas. Every year, I swear I don't need any more bath products when you release your spicy, cinnamon and apple scented Christmas range. Every year, I give in.

Lord of Misrule bath bomb

Father Christmas bath bomb

Cinders bath bomb

First things first, I had to repurchase some old favourites from last year's range. A lot of the products I enjoyed last year were sadly not released for 2015 (Northern Lights bath bomb and Star Light Star Bright bath melt: I very much miss you). Albeit, there were some familiar faces. Lord of Misrule bath bomb is a Halloween exclusive with a spicy, pepper scent and turns the bath from green to a lovely wine colour. Father Christmas bath bomb is also back, still smelling of the famous Lush Snow Fairy scent (bubblegum and candy). I was also excited to find a Cinders bath bomb. It smells like warm cinnamon and even though it turns your bath water a strange yellow colour, the popping candy (designed to sound like a cracking fire, how comforting!) makes up for it.

Peeping Santa bubble bar
  I've not had the chance to try any of the new products yet, but they all look/smell incredible. Peeping Santa bubble bar is the one I'm most looking forward to trying. He is the most precious looking Santa I've ever seen! Smelling of strawberries, I can imagine it turns the bath a lovely red/orange and leaves little hearts everywhere. Adorable.

Yog Nog bath bomb

Named after and smelling of one of the old Christmas classic LUSH soaps, Yog Nog bath bomb is the perfect golden yellow and the scent has notes of toffee and honey with a hint of spice. It's a big one as well, so I'm sure it could be cut in half and used twice if you don't have a large bathtub.

The Magic of Christmas bubble bar

If one is looking for a festive bath product, look no further than the Magic of Christmas bubble bar. It is the epitomy of Christmas. The star is covered in gold glitter and is full of cinnamon and almonds. It is even attached to a cinnamon stick (with a ribbon tied around it) so that you can use it numerous times by swishing it around your bath instead of crumbling it up. I'm holding off on using this until it's a bit closer to December and it's more acceptable to use such Christmas-y products.

I'm going to need a lot of baths to get through all of these products, and I'm sure this won't be my last visit to LUSH this Christmas period, oops!

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