Wednesday, 6 January 2016

5 things that happened in 2015 | Janu-Blog Day 6

2015 had its good points and its bad points, and it'll definitely be a year that I'll remember. It's always fun to reflect on what happened, so here are five things that happened in 2015 to make it the memorable year that it was.

I travelled

After a couple of years of going on all-inclusive holidays, my friends and I decided to do something a bit different in September. Just before uni started, we embarked on a two week interrailing trip to France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. These were four countries that I'd never visited before and the whole trip was unforgettable. We tried so many new things, had experiences I'd never imagined we'd have and ate lots of local food. It was fast-paced and amazing. It's given me the travel bug and I can't wait until the next time I go abroad. I also saw quite a bit of Scotland in 2015: as well as areas of Greater Glasgow I'd never visited, I ventured to Edinburgh, Perth, Loch Lomond and Tiree.

some snaps from Europe

I went to a Taylor Swift concert

Taylor Swift has been my favourite singer for seven years - I'm a tad obsessed with her. Seeing her perform live was on my bucket list and I was able to cross it off when she came to Glasgow on her 1989 Tour in June and managed to get tickets (thanks Jamie!). I screamed, I cried and I spent the full concert re-enacting my 13-year-old fangirl days. It was magical.

photo credit to my chum Rachel

I entered my third year of uni

Third year is difficult. I've never been so academically challenged in my life. The jump from second to third year was astronomical, but I'm proud of myself for making it this far. Entering third year is momentous because at the end of next semester, I WILL HAVE A DEGREE. That's impossible to comprehend.

I saw lots of wrestling shows

2015 was a great year for wrestling. I'm fortunate enough to live near Glasgow, which is one of the most thriving cities in the UK for wrestling shows. I saw quite a few ICW shows (the highlight of these was being part of the 4000+ crowd at the SECC; the biggest show by a UK wrestling company in a long time), I saw NXT on their first ever UK tour (which had the best wrestling audience of any show I've ever attended) and even though I've pretty much stopped watching WWE altogether during 2015, I was lucky enough to work at one of their Glasgow shows this year and was essentially paid to watch a wrestling show (and get knocked over by 200 Roman Reigns fans all under the age of 10 - but that's another story). I'm looking forward to attending more shows in 2016, starting with ICW's Square Go at the end of this month.

I gave up the job I hated

 This really was a big one for me - I had a part-time job that really was not for me and after 11 months, I finally packed it in. After leaving, everything seemed to fall into place and I found a new job about a week later. It was sheer luck, and now I have a seasonal job which is welcoming me back in spring 2016 as well as a casual job to help top up my bank balance during uni. I'm much happier with my working life now!

Hope 2015 was memorable for you all!

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