Monday, 11 January 2016

Am I an adult? | Janu-Blog Day 11

I'm 20 years old, but I don't know how old I feel.

Honestly, I don't really know how old I'm supposed to feel.

When I was younger I thought about hitting my 20s and it seemed so old - "married at 21, kids at 23, millionaire at 25". That was the plan. I turn 21 this year and I'm nowhere near marriage, even further away from having children and I know that at 25, I'll be lucky to be on a graduate salary. I don't even know if the three things I associated with being in my early 20s will ever happen (except from becoming a millionaire, because I'm fabulous and it will happen one day).

On the other hand, there are many people my age who are married or engaged, who have children, who have mortgages and real life jobs and other adult things. The thought of that is terrifying. I struggle to make my bed in the morning; I'm definitely not ready to be a real adult yet.

So where does that place me? I'm the age of an adult - I can legally drink, vote, gamble, get a tattoo. But I don't have adult responsibilities. I still live with my parents, I'm a student with no large commitments. I feel like nothing has changed from when I was around 15. 

How does one define the term "adult"? Is there a defining moment where the realisation that you are now a grown up hits? Am I an adult simply because I am over the age of 18? My brother made the point that in his opinion, adulthood is simply when you do what other adults do because that is what is expected of you. Is he correct?

Whether I'm truly an adult or not yet, I'm enjoying the life I lead while I can. It won't be long before I have real responsibilities; I'm dreading the day I move out and have bills to pay - maybe when that day comes, I'll realise that being an adult is not easy and I'll beg my parents to let me move back home.

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