Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Back to uni | Janu-Blog Day 19

Yesterday, semester two of my third year of university began. I'm exhausted already.

Lecture number one warned us of how much work the class would be over the next few months. Lecture number two handed us a reading list that I don't think I would finish if I read non-stop for the rest of the year.

Remember at school when the first day back after the holidays was known as an easy day. Teachers would discuss the agenda for the weeks ahead... and not much else happened. Uni is totally different. We are shoved straight into the fear of upcoming exams and feeling guilty for spending any time at all not studying.

It makes sense; in six months I'll have a degree if all goes well. That doesn't mean the journey there will be easy.

Thus, today's post is a brief one. I'm just very tired two days into a 12 week semester.

I'm blogging every day in January! Check back at 6pm GMT every day for a new Janu-Blog post!

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