Thursday, 7 January 2016

How to tell if a MAC lipstick is fake | Janu-Blog Day 7


MAC lipsticks are so darn expensive, yet most ladies go crazy over them. This has led to a huge rise in fakes around the Internet, for as little as £1.50 a pop. These fakes can be exceptionally realistic so it's easy to see why so many people are duped into thinking they're grabbing a bargain. I have a few MAC lipsticks and can identify a real one from a fake, and wanted to share my knowledge. Curious about the pages of fakes on eBay, I ordered the cheapest I could find to compare it to my real products (before getting a refund from the seller due to the bad quality, of course). 

fake: left. real: right.

The packaging of MAC lipsticks is very distinctive, which makes them very easy to copy. There are some subtle differences, however, between the fake and the real deal. The tube itself of a real MAC lipstick is slightly shiny with subtle shimmer, whereas my fake is completely matte and the shade of black is not as dark. Watch out for a faded "MAC" logo: it should be clearly silver and will not fade quickly. My fake also did not come in a box, which all legitimate MAC lipsticks should.

fake: left. real: right.
 The MAC logo is always the same font; its size and positioning on the tube are two of the biggest giveaways that a lipstick is not legitimate. The tube on my real lipstick is also thinner than the fake.

fake: left. real: right.
 A real MAC lipstick will state its name and code in bold capitals, and everything else on the sticker will not be bolded. The address going round the sticker will never have overlapping letters or symbols. On the fake I purchased, it has the style of lipstick in bold and has the incorrectt one. A real lipstick in "Rebel" is a satin finish, whereas the sticker of the fake claims it is a retro matte.

The real lipstick is much heavier than the fake, which weighs almost nothing. Its overall feel is much more plastic than the real thing.

The scent of MAC lipsticks is renowned - they have a unique vanilla scent. My fake does not smell of anything.

The differences between the real and fake lipsticks are subtle (especially if you do not own any real ones!) but they exist and it's important to be vigilant. Legitimate make-up sellers will be willing to send more photos of a product if you are unsure. Remember, if you see an expensive product online for an extremely cheap price, it's probably too good to be true.

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