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My most anticipated books of 2016 | Janu-Blog Day 3

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One of the most exciting things about a new year for me is looking at all of the new books that are going to be coming out. New standalones, sequels and everything in between, I can't wait!

"The Heart" by Maylis de Kerangal - to be released on Febuary 9th.
This novel follows the story of a heart transplant between a brain-dead teenage boy and a girl whose life can be saved, and it sounds so interesting. The full story takes place over 24 hours and concentrates on everyone who is affected on both sides. It was orginally a French book published in 2014, but because the story sounds so moving I decided to wait until the English translation so that I don't lose any meaning, and I'll probably read both copies side-by-side in Febuary. I've heard some great things about this one, and I'm looking forward to it.

"Politics" by Nick Clegg - to be released in May (date unconfirmed). 
 I'm not a Lib Dem supporter and I do not think highly of Nick Clegg at all - yet, I'm curious about the book he is writing. It has been claimed that it will reveal the secrets behind the UK's recent coalition and why he made many of the decisions that have made him so unpopular, and the part of me that loves politics is interested in whether he has any valid points or whether it'll be pointless excuses.

"The Crown" by Keira Cass - to be released on May 3rd. 
The final instalment of "The Selection" series comes out this year, and I'm very excited! The first four books have had quite a lot of mixed reviews, but I personally think that the concept is original and well-executed. The first three books were intended to be a triology, following a competition in the future where everyday people compete to become the prince's wife. Think The Bachelor mixed with I Want To Marry Harry mixed with some dystopia and a feisty main character. I was so pleased when the trilogy was being turned into a five-part series, and this is the book I'm most likely to pre-order so that I can read it as soon as it's out.

"Heartless" by Marissa Meyer - to be released on November 8th.
I loved all of four books in Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles and read all of them in 2015. In 2016, she will be releasing another book about an already existing world; this time, we will explore the story of the Queen of Hearts before Wonderland existed. Not much has been released yet, but I've never been disappointed by Marissa Meyer's work and whether it is a standalone or the beginning of a new series, I'll read it.

 Are there any books that I should add to my TBR for 2016?

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