Friday, 1 January 2016

My new year's resolutions | Janu-Blog Day 1

In January, I'm going to put out a new blog post everyday. I might be a bit crazy, but I really want to get back into blogging and challenging myself like this is the perfect way, eh?

Happy new year everyone, and welcome to Janu-Blog!

"New year, new me". The phrase that inspires many of us at the dawn of a new year to better ourselves. I'm personally a bit crap at keeping new year resolutions because I have no willpower, but yet again I'm going to try.

1. Give blood
Giving blood is such an accessible thing to do, and blood donation saves hundreds upon hundreds of lives. Thus, it's time for me to get over my phobias of needles and blood and actually do something good for other people.

2. Read 60 books
In 2015, I read 53 books which I'm super happy with, so I'm going to try and up that to the 60 book challenge.

3. Sort out my knee problems
My knees will never be 100% better. I have a condition where I grew into them slightly the wrong way, so my knees creak, crack and occasionally pop out of place - and it's painful! I want to control the pain better this year, from little things such as sitting with my legs straight out instead of bent and actually wearing my knee support, to trying exercises to strengthen around the damaged area.

 4. Get over my fear of butterflies
This is the most unlikely to happen on this list, but I'm going to try.

 5. Exercise more
I'm a curvy girl and although I'm alright with my size, it'd be nice to be a bit more toned and less... flabby. I aimed to go to the gym everyday and other unrealistic activities for 2015 but I feel I half-succeeded last year. I've taken up wrestling training (which I've told none of my friends about, so if any of you are reading this I hope you aren't laughing too much!) and I've also started activities such as badminton to just be a bit more active. I'm never going to be into fitness, and I'll probably never set foot in a gym again, but that doesn't mean I can't be moving about something (and it might even help my knee!).

6. Sort my time management 
The next six months of my life will be busy. Between uni (where the workload will be increased and I'll also be taking a subject I've never studied before), work training, work, getting into an exercise routine and work experience, it'll be a bit crazy. I need to use the lovely diary I got for Christmas and be organised.

 I'd love to hear everyone else's resolutions, let me know in the comments what your's are!

I'm blogging every day in January! Check back at 6pm GMT every day for a new Janu-Blog post!

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