Friday, 15 January 2016

Super cheap book haul | Janu-Blog Day 15

Recently, I cleared out a lot of books to donate to a charity shop. I chose a cancer care bookshop in Ayrshire, where my boyfriend lives, and while visiting to give my books, I had to look at what they had on offer...

Nothing could have prepared me for those prices.

Every book was 50p or under, with multi-buy deals if you bought a few books. I couldn't contain myself and bought five second-hand books for £1.30. I was practically hyperventilating as I left the shop; FIVE books for £1.30?! I felt like I had robbed the charity.

Nevertheless, here are the books that I bought!

"Beautiful" by Katie Piper:
I adore Katie Piper. Her story is very inspiring and right now, I'm addicted to Bodyshockers on TV. "Beautiful" is her first autobiography, and if I enjoy it I'll definitely have a look at her other two.

"Life & Laughing" by Michael McIntyre:
During 2015, I read a lot of autobiographies and I wanted to continue this trend into this year. Comedians' autobiographies are some of my favourites, so I couldn't resist picking up Michael McIntyre's.

"Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes:
I had to pick up this book when I saw it because I've heard so many great things about it. It follows Lou, who loses her job, and Will, who is recovering from a motorbike accident. All I know is that the pair cross paths and things ensue from there.

 "The List" by Joanna Bolouri:
 This was a total spine/cover buy. I didn't think I owned any books with pink spines and I thought it would look beautiful on my bookshelf. I'm saving this one for if I ever need pulled out of a reading slump, as I've heard it's an easy, fun read about a woman who is single and trying to have fun.

"Confessions of a Tinderella" by Rosy Edwards:
I've already read this one since buying it and it was super funny! It's a memoir of Rosy and her journey to find love on Tinder. I found myself laughing out loud a few times at this and would recommend it as an easy read, especially if you aren't used to non-fiction and want to get into it.

I'll perhaps definitely need to return to this bookshop soon, so many bargains!

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