Thursday, 28 January 2016

The love of blogging (& fail of Janu-Blog)


So, I aimed to blog every day in January and I didn't quite succeed.

My aim in trying to blog every day in the month was to reignite the love of writing, to use a cliché. I'd fallen out of the habit over the run-up to Christmas and thought that writing something every day, no matter how silly or serious, would help.

For the first half of the month, I really enjoyed it. I wrote about books and lifestyle; the two things I enjoy writing about the most. It was incredibly motivating. As the month went on and life started getting back to normal after Christmas, with uni and work training, writing a new post every single day became quite pressurising and began to have the opposite effect to what the start of the month had brought.

So after 19 days of Janu-Blog, I decided to stop.

The little experiment worked. I'm now very inspired in my blog and have quite a few topics I want to discuss. I stopped the "blog post every day" at the perfect time for me.

Now, I think I will aim to have a blog post up at least once a week to keep myself writing and keep my posts consistent. I don't plan on keeping a certain day or time to publish my posts, but this might change.

I've grown to love my blog over the past month. With a new header and a clear outline of what I enjoy posting about, things are looking up for Becca Writes and I'm hoping that despite what this semester of uni throws at me (hint: lots of exams, essays with a side order of absolute stress) I'll keep up this little corner of the internet - to quote another cliché - and stay active with blogging.

I hope January has treated you all well and the next few months are equally as great for you!


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