Saturday, 16 July 2016

I'm actually moving?

Bonjour à tous !

With only around 9 weeks until I move to France, I thought it was about time to start documenting the process. This week, I received my arrêté de nomination confirming all of the details of my placements so now is as good a time as any.

I've been placed in two collèges (junior high schools for ages 11-15) in the beautiful city of Villeneuve D'Ascq where I'll be working as an English Language Assistant. Villeneuve D'Ascq has a population of around 60,000, with around 80% of the population being students. From my research so far, I've found that the city is home to an adult playground, a large laser tag arena and the stadium where Lille's main football team play their games; definitely up my street!

So far, the plan is to actually live in the city of Lille and travel to Villeneuve D'Ascq for work, as it's only 20 minutes away on the métro. Lille as a city is much larger with lots more to do and many more opporunities to travel, so it seems like a better place to spend the time I'm not working. In addition to this, one of my closest friends has gotten a primary school placement in another town about 20 minutes outside of Lille so if things go in our favour, we may be able to share a flat in the city centre.

Over the next few weeks, there are a few forms to fill in and it's time to actually book my one way ticket! After years of saying "I'm going to move to France one day", it's scary that it's suddenly so soon. I've never moved out or worked a professional job before, so the thought of doing it all at once for the first time in another country is a bit daunting

My expectations so far: I'm probably going to wish I'd spent more time finessing my French language skills before moving, I'm probably going to despise the métro and I'm probably going to put on lots of weight by eating too many baguettes. 

I plan on blogging throughout the entire time as a way of keeping all of my thoughts and memories in one place, plus it's another way to make sure that no one at home will forget about me ;)

A bientôt!

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