Wednesday, 7 December 2016

"All my friends are bloggers" | Blogmas Day 7

In case you're looking for other year abroad blogs to follow, a few of the friends I've made here are also blogging their year, so I thought it was time to dedicate a post to them and their wonderful writing, as they're all very different but they're as fabulous as each other! 


Jess is one of my favourite bloggers! She updates every week or so and her blog is very much her personal diary - she's honest about the bad things that happen, but she's also very open about when things are going well. Jess is living with a French family this year, and she goes on some excursions and trips with them which are definitely off the beaten track. She also shares lots and lots of photos!

Luke is our honorary third flatmate, so on his blog there are lots of mentions of Lauren and me! He's also very good at the honest side of things, and he breaks up his week/fortnight into sections to keep the good and the bad separated. He attends Le Waf often, so look out for cute puppy photos too!

Nia is one of the funniest people I know, and it really comes across in her writing. She discusses the big trips and excursions, and also the little accomplishments of living abroad. I just adore her writing and I can't read one post without re-reading them all. Nia, if you're reading this, plz update more!

So if you're interested, go show them some love! I always find it interesting to read different perspectives on similar situations!

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