Thursday, 8 December 2016

An introduction to Scottish vocabulary | Blogmas Day 8

It happens daily. In the middle of a conversation with one of my English/Welsh/American friends, I'll say something and my friend's face will suddenly go blank. I've said a Scottish word. A word I had never realised is only used in Scotland, and I have to explain its definition. My non-Scottish friends, this one is for you! Here are 11 typically Scottish words that I've had to explain the meanings of since befriending you all.

eejit - an idiot

ned - a chav

hen - pet name / term of endearment

braw - great 

glaikit - a glazed expression on someone's face

loch - a Scottish lake (contrary to common belief outside of Scotland, it isn't spelled "lock")

feart - scared

Hogmanay - New Year's Eve

greet - cry

steaming - drunk 

peely wally - ill-looking

I look forward to you all trying to pronounce these next time I see you all ;)


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