Saturday, 10 December 2016

Going cruelty free | Blogmas Day 10

Animal testing is something that always sparks opinions and discussion. Realistically, we live in a world where there isn't any need to test cosmetics and beauty products on animals. This is why, for the past six months, I've been attempting to convert to cruelty free.

I care about animals, but things such as going vegetarian/vegan are massive life commitments. However, going cruelty free with cosmetic products is something that isn't life-altering - it's actually quite easy. That's why I decided to go down this route, as such a small lifestyle change could make a huge different to the world of animal testing.

There are many brands that I now don't buy because of their policies on testing on animals, and some of my former favourites are included in this. My favourite red lipstick came from MAC; my favourite liquid liner came from L'Oreal; almost the rest of my face came from Benefit. I decided that I would continue to use these products that I had bought, as I didn't want to waste my money. When they ran out, I would not re-purchase and I would find an alternative from a brand that does not test on animals.

By doing this, I've discovered some excellent brands and very high quality products, and without sounding preachy, it makes me feel good when I choose a cruelty-free product over an alternative that endorses animal testing. After starting the conversion to cruelty free, I've discovered brands such as Jeffree Star, Too Faced, Makeup Geek and many others that I had never considered before. I'm now at a stage where all of my previously bought non-cruelty free products have ran out, and the only products I use are those that are cruelty free (or ones that have been bought for me as gifts).

I'd strongly encourage everyone to at least consider switching up some of their cosmetic products for those that are cruelty free. We're living in an era where it is possible to run a beauty brand without testing on animals, and many brands are able to do this. It is no longer more financially viable to test on animals rather than through other methods, so there's no reason for brands to do it - and that is something I'm passionate about. I'd love to eventually make the switch with more products I buy, such as household products, as it takes very little effort and contributes to a good cause. To discover which brands are cruelty free, I use logicalharmony, as they research every brand individually before endorsing them as cruelty free (you can also check if brands are vegan).

I hope this all came across okay and didn't come across as too preachy. I don't judge anyone at all for the products they choose to use! However, if you are interested in changing up some of your cosmetic products, check out logicalharmony, as they're really one of the most reliable sources for up-to-date information.

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