Friday, 9 December 2016

My year abroad bucket list (so far!) | Blogmas Day 9

I feel like most people on a #yahabroad have some form of bucket list, whether it's a mental list or a formal, typed document. I'm somewhere in the middle - my most important things are written down but the rest is in my head. It's hard to believe I'm already nearing the halfway point of my time in France, so it's a great time to reflect on what I've completed so far on my list.

I've visited Disneyland Paris

This was top of my bucket list for moving to France. Disneyland is a place I've always been desperate to visit, and I have no excuse now that I live only 90 minutes away. It was as magical as I'd anticipated, and you can take a nosy at some of my photos here.

I've visited Belgium

When I went interrailing last year, my favourite place was Belgium. I live so close to the Belgian border that I knew I really wanted to take advantage and visit again during my time in Lille. I visited Brussels in October (read about it here), and I'm off to Bruges tomorrow, so I've definitely achieved this.

I've done lots of little Lille things

It's important to me that I enjoy the city I live in, as well as doing lots of travelling. I feel like I really now know the city of Lille and I've settled in nicely - a bit of a boring entry on the bucket list but one that was necessary for me! I've now seen lots of the city (including the zoo which was my priority for exploring Lille).

I've done Christmas-y activities

At home, the only nearby Christmas activities are in Glasgow (which is a bit crap, and there's not even an ice rink this year) and Edinburgh, which is truly fantastic but isn't the closest to where I live. Here, festivities are everywhere. The Lille markets are small but brilliant. I've been to Arras twice for ice-skating and a much bigger market, and as I said, tomorrow I'm visiting Bruges for one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Festivities here are generally much better than at home so this one wasn't difficult to achieve - even small areas have lovely Christmas lights and displays!

What's next? I'm hoping to visit lots more places - definitely another trip up to the Netherlands as well as Switzerland and Luxembourg, as well as more of France. I wish to also make the most out of my time in Lille, with visits to more of its museums, seeing more of its parks, going to a French football game and embarking out of the city centre a bit more often. It's also time to start considering next year - I need to come up with a dissertation topic very soon for returning to my studies next year!

If you have any suggestions for how else I should best use my time in Lille, please comment below and let me know! 

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