Saturday, 17 December 2016

Oh, Christmas tree | Blogmas Day 17

My mum's Christmas tree is always perfect. It has a colour scheme of white and gold and everything matches. It's perfect. In contrast to this, my tree is messy and there's absolutely no structure to it.

My tree is purple and this is around the 13th year that I've had it - next year, I might invest in a new one because it's rather wonky nowadays. I used to decorate it in solely purple and silver decorations, but as I've gotten older, they've been replaced by various snowballs, bows and the odd Disney decoration (over the past couple of years, I've bought a Disney bauble each year with the hope that, one day, I'll have a Disney filled tree).

I'll leave you with those photos of my fave baubles - and yes, I'm well aware that this blog post is a bit crap. I've just been super busy catching up with people and rediscovering Pokemon Pearl since returning home, and I really love Christmas.

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